Here is what others say about the things we do. Please follow the Links to have a deeper insight into the usage of the speen* - stuff.


The “Made In Germany” CycloCross Team uses the Umlenler redforce 10:

“The advantages are enormous: riding in the mud, ice or grass does not have any effect on the derailleur anymore … The Umlenkers are available for all possible derailleurs. ... With speen* the riders were able have a successful season without taking the risk of damaged pulleys or even defect cables ...”

[read more at the team´s facebook site]

This is what Markus from MARKER® Bindings stated about the AdpdwBuuF:

“Hello to Chemnitz! and congratulations for those resourcefully solutions ...”

“If one day, you are going to travel to São Paulo - Brazil, contact me and I pay the first CAIPIRINHA!”

Marcel from Brazil [the speen* ad: “So much to drink in such a short time”]

STORCK-Xterra-Racing runs the “LrsdZudV” and the Dietze knows:

“Every ride becomes a hell ride as it´s best. We yet did not found any wheel set compares to this!”

[read more at the team´s home page or at the teams facebook site]

“Das clevere, je nach Ausführung sieben bis zwölf Gramm leichte Edelstahl-Bauteil wird anstelle des Zuges am Umwerfer befestigt und verlagert die eigentliche Zugklemmung weiter nach außen. … Vorteile sind eine bessere Schaltpräzision und minimale Gewichtsersparnis. … Die von uns getestete Version für einen Shimano-Ultegra-Umwerfer der aktuellen Generation funktionierte einwandfrei.”
Uh-uh-uh UMLENKER!....Gesundheit! (a widget for your cyclocross bike)