speen* is for *SportsEquipmentEngineering.

Since 2000, we at speen* are thinking intensive about how to solve the small issues on sports equipment the most elegant way.

In 2004 speen* became a real company.

The path we walk is barely traditional and unlike a manager would suggest. Maybe this makes the difference between us and big business.

We at speen* do what we love and live: sports in nature and the utilities, people might need for this.

Most of our ideas came to us during riding bike, being on an champagne powder tour with friends or just hung around in the speen* - kitchen with a refreshing glass of lemonade.

In Germany we do have a adage that suits quite good for being with speen*:

Kelle grün - Gas an!

p.s.: If there is something you dislike, please tell us. If there is something you like, please tell others.