speen* is for *SportsEquipmentEngineering.

Since 2000, we at speen* are intensively thinking about how to solve the small issues on sports equipment the most efficient way.

The paths we walk are barely traditional and unlike a manager would suggest. Maybe this makes the difference between us and big business.

Most of the ideas came to us during riding bike, surfing down a champagne powder hill with friends or just hanging around in the speen* - kitchen with a refreshing glass of lemonade. We are happy to see our solutions on equipment on the market. Since we have been asked by industry to find the ways, today, there is some speen* in quite a few things out there.

If you experience any delay on your order,

hey sorry, but there is always a reason to be out side for testing.

p.s.: If there is something you dislike, please tell us. If there is something you like, please tell others.

Kelle grün - Gas an!