convert a down pull front mech into a top pull version


speen* has some utilities, that are a bit more than “nice to have”: e.g. there is the Umlenker (also known as toppull). With these small friends you might be able to convert the road front derailleurs of the big three: Shimano®: FD5600, FD6600, FD6700, FD7800, FD7900; SRAM®: RED, Force, Rival; Campagnolo®: SuperRecord, Record, Chorus; FSA®: Energy, Gossamer as well as the ALTORE 366 from TISO® into a toppull derailleur. completely “Made in Germany” out of the finest stainless steel the Umlenker weights from 7g only.

More details about the Umlenker you will get here: specification Umlenker.pdf